Breathtaking ocean view at Lomchoy, Phuket 4 bedrooms villa in Patong.Facing out to the Andaman Sea, Lomchoy enjoy peaceful unobstructed ocean view where all you are seeing is blue, of the ocean, of the sky, and of the private swimming pool. Compared to other luxurious Phuket villas within the exclusive Samsara Estate Comlpex that face into the southern direction toward Patong Bay in a distance, view at Lomchoy is unobstructed blue instead. Apparently it is all leading down to personal taste. Some likes the lively vibe of Patong accented the ocean view whilst others prefer perfect blue. All leads down to personal preference, and whichever you choose Samsara Estate has one for you.

Again, compared to other Phuket luxury villas within the same complex, Lomchoy is smaller and therefore priced slightly cheaper. However, Samsara Estate is all about luxury and therefore even the arguably simplest unit brings in the best when it comes to comfort and luxury. Consistently maintain the same standard, all bedrooms, bathrooms, and living quarters brings in consistent standard. All you may miss are facilities that you may not need anyway like private gym, or dedicated cinema room with large projection screen.

Colorful sunset at Lomchoy Phuket.

Wrapping around 14 meters private swimming pool are a spacious air-conditioned living area along with dining room and kitchen, and an open and airy gazebo which in Thai language is known as Sala. Accompanying the infinity edge of the pool that looks like dissolving to the ocean right at the ocean frontage is therefore a choice of air-conditioned living room or open and airy Sala. Again, the choice is yours. Separating between the living quarters and the swimming pool is spacious poolside deck where you – again – have an option of sun lounging in sunny daylight or enjoy al-fresco dining whilst gazing at the colorful sunset when the sun slides down the horizon.

There are four air-conditioned bedrooms to accommodate up to 8 guests at Villa Lomchoy. Two bedrooms have king double bed, one bedroom has queen double bed, and the remaining one has twin beds. Two bedrooms have private en-suite whilst the other two share one bedroom in between and therefore are suitable for guests traveling with small children. As an alternative to air-conditioning, all rooms also feature ceiling fans. There is Jacuzzi for those wanting to have more than just a shower and a separated multimedia entertainment room with LCD-TV for those who want to enjoy leisurely moment in house.

Phuket villas with breathtaking ocean view.  14 meters private swimming pool to indulge you at Lomchoy Phuket.  More than just swim, swimming pool of Lomchoy offers many other activities.  Colorful sunset at Lomchoy Phuket.  Enjoy sunset lulled by gentle ocean breeze at the garden gazebo.  Spacious master bedroom at Lomchoy Phuket.  Bedroom with ocean view at Villa Lomchoy.  Interior of twin bedroom at Lomchoy Villa Phuket.  TV room for in-house entertainment at the villa.


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