Fah Sai

Spacious living area with expansive ocean view at Fah Sai Phuket.

Whilst it shares similar standards as other Phuket villas within The Samsara Estate complex, Fah Sai brings a completely different style. Accommodating up to 10 adults in its 5 luxurious bedrooms, whilst it also perches on a sloping rocky hill, Fah Say provides all of its luxurious facilities in two floors and therefore more affordable to live in. It is fair to say that Fah Sai is the jewel of the crown, the best villa among luxurious villas The Samsara Estate has within its exclusive complex. Continue reading



Swimming Pool at the Same Color of the OceanSitting on a steeply sloping down rocky hill overlooking the bending curve of Patong Beach, Villa Benyasiri is the perfect choice if you want to stay in one of Samsara Estate’s Phuket villas with the clearest view to Patong. Some people quickly get bored with all blue ocean view regardless how dramatic it is and therefore prefer to see the bay as an accent. It is beautiful in daylight, but it kicks in even further when the night falls and the vibrant nightlife of Patong starts to emerge. There is always a reason to party in Patong, so expect to enjoy fireworks among the glittering light lights. Continue reading